Social responsibility is an essential component of The Shalina Group's vision and core values. We are committed to developing the communities in which we operate through funding and also giving opportunities to local Congolese people through training and long- term career options.

Our priority is to focus on projects that support the community to become self-sustaining.The Group is committed to meeting international best standards in the environment, employee health & safety, social responsibility in line with the Government's long term ambitions.

By this commitment, the Company makes a difference to local communities through job creation, skills transfer, attracting investment and the multiplier effects of improved housing and the local purchase of goods and services. Developing local infrastructure (e.g.roads, bridges and power lines) in addition to supporting schools, hospitals as well as the 'not for profit' Shalina eye clinic in Lubumbashi and developing agriculture land are some of the key contributors of the Shalina Group.